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*Please read "Submitting The Consultation" section prior to online submission.

Fax Consult

The consultation form can be completed and faxed over to 713-579-2569 with the following pertinent information and patient history:

Patient's Medical Record
Serum Chemistry
Urinalysis (with sediment evaluation)


About Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition DogQuality nutrition is a valuable component of healthy pet care and can be a useful tool in the treatment of many metabolic conditions. Our expertise can assist to develop healthy dietary habits for your patients as well as to develop a nutritional regimen that will help to improve the quality of life for pets diagnosed with a specific medical problem. In partnership veterinarians, the doctors and staff of our Veterinary Nutrition Services provide exceptional expertise and care for canine and feline family members. Our Board-Certified nutritionist also works closely with our Critical Care, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, and Oncology departments and other specialized services to provide state of the art individualized nutritional plans for patients with various medical conditions. Dr. Weeth can also evaluate the current diet and, if needed, suggest appropriate changes or substitutions to ensure a complete and balanced dietary intake for your patients. Our Nutrition consultant can formulate a complete and balanced home-prepared therapeutic diet if there are no commercial diet options or if owners desire to cook for their pets.

Submitting The Consultation

  • Veterinarians must have the pet owner complete the "Diet History Questionnaire" form prior to submitting a nutrition consult. Once this form is completed, the veterinarian can submit the nutrition consult through the telemedicine service by logging in to the clinic's telemedicine account or via fax. Copies of the following information (dated within 6 months of submission) are required and can be attached to the consultation online:

    Patient's Medical Record
    Serum Chemistry
    Urinalysis (with sediment evaluation)

    Dietary recommendations provided by Dr. Weeth are medical services that are used to treat, manage and mitigate disease of individual dogs and cats. As such, they require involvement of a veterinarian who has personally examined the pet and with whom there is an established doctor-patient-client relationship. Because Dr. Weeth reviews medical and diet histories and not the individual dogs and cats, all communications, billing, and pet owner questions must be directed through the referral veterinarian to GCVTelemedicine. Dr. Weeth is not able to address individual owner questions unless they are received from the referring veterinarian or veterinary clinic and all communications will go back through the managing veterinarian.

Consults Offered

Dietary Treatment Plan, commercial diet list
Personalized diet and supplement plan using commercially-available diets. Includes recommendations for feedings, treats, and monitoring response to dietary treatment.
Dietary Treatment Plan, home-prepared recipe
Personalized home-prepared recipe and supplement plan, commercial diets also included when possible. Includes cooking instructions, treat and supplement guideline, and recommendations for monitoring response to dietary treatment.

Additional Home-Prepared Recipe (existing patient)
Development of a complementary home-prepared recipe for existing patients needing more variety.

Personalized Weight Loss Plan, commercial diet
Individualized weight loss plan for health and longevity. Includes recommendations for feedings, treats, increasing activity and monitoring progress.

Assisted Nutritional Support Plan - Feeding Tube Guidelines
For home or clinic use. Optimal diet recommendations for delivery through an assisted nutrition support device (i.e. feeding tube). Includes preparation instructions, recommendations for feedings, and monitoring guidelines.

Assisted Nutritional Support Plan - Parenteral Nutrition Guidelines  *For clinic or hospital use only.*
Development of a parenteral nutrition formulation that can be compounded by any local home infusion pharmacy. Includes recommendations for rates of infusion and monitoring response to dietary treatment.

Additional supplement, food additive or diet review
For caregivers that have specific supplement or diet research requests that are not covered under the Dietary Treatment Plan for their individual dog or cat. An additional hourly review rate that may apply.

Turn Around Time

In order to provide the most efficient and accurate dietary regimen for each patient, our Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist requires at least 14 business days to complete the nutritional consult.